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Mole On Face

How to Get Rid from Moles

Moles are small dark brown or black colored cluster of pigmented cells. For some people moles are ugly blemishes that appear on face but this is also a beauty mark for some people. Following are some helpful tips for those people who want to remove moles.

1. Mix up a pinch of baking soda with some drops of castor oil. Apply this paste onto moles and stay over night. Repeat regularly at least for 20 days or until moles remove. Baking soda is very effective to remove moles.
2. Honey is also considered good to remove moles. At morning time apply honey onto the moles and leave it. After a few days you will notice that moles remove from your face.
3. One more simple remedy is, apply apple cider vinegar on moles with cotton pad thrice a day. Do it continuously for three weeks. You will see slowly moles will fade away.


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